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wemakefuture GmbH

Frankfurt & Berlin

23 Reviews

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Project Budget

< $250, $250 to $1,000, $1,000 to $10,000, > $10,000

Services Offered

Zapier Account Set Up, Complex Workflow Help, Building New Integrations, Custom Development, Automated Lead Management, E-Commerce Implementation, Marketing Strategy

Software Specializations

CRM, Marketing Automation, Websites, Forms, Advertising, eCommerce, Productivity

About wemakefuture GmbH

We ❤️ Automation - ✅ Get Free Consultancy & 15 Minutes Free Support ✅ Europe, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy focused automation agency. Automate Your Future 🤟 To Create More 🚀 Apps: Airtable, Pipedrive, Lexoffice, Wordpress, Google, Microsoft, Dropbox, Asana, Manychat, Xero, Bexio, Moco, Plutio, SurveyMonkey, Stripe, PayPal, Perspective, ClickUp, Active Campaign and Pyhton / JS as well as many more. We served clients in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, UK, Estonia, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal and France. We love automation 😋 Europa, Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz und Italien fokussierte Automatisierungsagentur. Automation Since 2015 🎉

23 Customer Reviews

Can Ü.

Zapier Beratung

Wemakefuture hat uns geholfen unser Unternehmen ganzheitlich zu automatisieren und wir werden in Zukunft gemeinsam Automatisierungen umsetzen.

Nicholas S.

A Pleasure is work with Sebastian

My experience was great, Sebastian had great knowledge of Zapier and Hub Spot and was able to clearly understand my problem. He explained in a manner that not only was clear and understandable, but also helped me learn more about Zapier and how best to use it.

Brian S.

Great experience, perfect solution!

Wemakefuture helped us within 24-hours to build our CRM project management automation. And it rocks. So great!

Herr M.

Start Up Packet

Danke für die schnelle Umsetzung. Ich werde die Templates anpassen und freue mich auf die Zusammenarbeit.

Mario H.

Leider nicht schon früher gefunden, bin absolut zufrieden. Sehr zu empfehlen.

Sehr Professionell und fairer Preis. Ich hatte eine ungewöhnliche Anfrage (Shopify und elopage zu verbinden.) Die alte Lösung war umständlich, fehleranfällig und langsam. Der Kunde musste bis zu einer Stunde warten bis das Produkt ausgeliefert wurde. Jetzt läuft es wie am Schnürchen, keine Fehlermeldung mehr. Beratung top und schnelle Umsetzung. Vielen Dank 😊

Sascha M.

best choice on the market ! ! !

They gave us the best advice in advance on how we should set up our business to automate and grow with minimum costs - all free of charge before, we had a total chaos which was caused by the previous it partner. wemakefuture fixed all bugs with next to no extra fees. if you want to scale your business to the maximum at low cost, wemakefutere is the place for you! best customer service - by the way

Naomi I.

6 Stars - we are more than happy with wemakefuture

- easy onboarding - delivery in time - status updates - great support - really good prices - they always have a quick, good solution for everything, even if it is a topic that is not part of their business area - 6 Stars from us! We can highly recommend them

Frank W.

Wordpress Bilder aus der Email

Wir können nun unsere Bilder via Email an Wordpress senden, als nächstes wollen wir unsere Kunden benachrichtigung automatisieren. Danke für die tollen Ideen!

Boris R.


Wemakefuture hat uns jetzt geholfen mit Pipedrive, unserer Webseite und Emails unser CRM zu automatisieren. Danke an Sebastian & Marc für das schnelle umsetzen. Von der Idee bis zur Umsetzung 48 Stunden! Top. Danke.

Ricky B.

wemakefuture GmbH is responsive, friendly, and patient

Sebastien Mertens from wemakefuture GmbH helped me when no one else would. He displayed patience and expertise in walking me through my issue. He was responsive, punctual, and quick. I hope we can continue to work together as his guidance is very much appreciated.

Adam B.

Solved my problem in 11minutes.

Sebastian was knowledgable, friendly, and quickly ID'ed the core issue almost immediately. He walked me through the fix, step by step, through screen share and I had my problem solved in a total time of about 11min. I will definitely be using them again for future issues and for when I look to make more complicated workflows.

Tolgahan C.

Great service!

Listens to customer patiently. Experienced with fixing issues. Overall a good experience. Nice!

Dominik M.

Awesome support with our Zapier automatization

Awesome support with our Zapier automatization! I didn't know zapier could be that useful!

Theo W.

Straightforward, clean, honest

Well, I had a good experience with you as well. I tell you things, you are transparent on the timeline, you tell me the cost upfront, advise us on better ways to optimise cost long term, you answer fast and you do the job you say you do. This already is less than 10% of contractors, all fields mixed. Thank you, I greatly appreciate.

thomsa r.

Quick and problem solver

I called Sebastien for a merging issue on pipedrive. He solved it quickly while being creative and finding other ways. I tried to contact with zapier assistance but did not find any solution. Good prices and great work, i reccomend.

Tobias G.

GDPR Consultancy to Zapier

We have been in touch with Sebastian from Wemakefuture and we are going to build an automation with google drive and lexoffice when we have signed the DPAs with Zapier and GSuite. We are so happy that they helped us to understand the EU GDPR needs.

Luke R.


Schnelle Umsetzung der Automatisierung, super Kommunikation und kreative Lösungsansätze. Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit dem Ergebnis und der daraus entstandenen Zeitersparnis und freuen uns auf weitere gemeinsame Projekte in der Zukunft.

Kirsten D.

AI Transcribe Automation from Website upload

I contacted Wemakefuture for a AI based transcribe automation. Great work!

Jere A.

Automated Lead Management

Request. Call. Idea. Solution. Happy.

Hubert G.

Quentn Automation

We needed automation between Sevdesk, Zoho and Quentn. Wemakefuture helped us with this in a very short time. With user-defined code and a so-called airtable as database we were able to connect everything. Thanks!

Lakisha A.

Amazing support from Zapier

Sebastian helped us in 15 minutes to solve our problem uploading Zoom to Google Drive. Amazing support from Zapier experts - thanks a lot!

Petra M.

DSGVO Bestätigungsemail

Die Wemakefuture GmbH hat uns ( geholfen unsere DSGVO abfrage zu automatisieren. Der Account wurde in einer Stunde eingerichtet und wir können nun unseren Kunden die Bestätigung automatisch zu senden. Die Dienstleistung war sehr schnell erbracht, gestern angefragt, und heute morgen schon erledigt. Kommunikation 5/5 Geschwindigkeit 5/5 Umsetzung 5/5 Mit besten Grüßen

Adi V.

Wordpress Bilder und Beitrag Automatisierung

Danke! Ich habe nach einer Möglichkeit gesucht, dass ich benachrichtigt werde, wenn wir auf Wordpress etwas veröffentlichen. Wir sind Handwerker und brauchen es einfach... Marc von WMF hat uns super geholfen. Wie sagt man so schön in Hesse: EI KLASSE! Weiter so!